Marketing Manager TNL

Alina Khan

Alina Khan, Marketing Manager at TNL, adept in strategy, analytics, and creative campaigns, driving impactful brand engagement.

Trainer TNL

Shikha Bihare

Miss Shikha, Trainer at TNL, cultivates growth through dynamic instruction, fostering skill development and confidence in her students.

Data Science Trainer

Saroj Ratre

Saroj Ratre, Data Science Trainer, combines expertise with passion, guiding learners through the intricacies of data analysis and machine learning.

Data Scientist

Lokesh Payasi

Lokesh Payasi, the Data Scientist Master, epitomizes excellence in data science, blending deep expertise with innovative approaches to solve complex problems and drive transformative insights.

Data Scientist

Shatabdi Das

Shatabdi Das, the Data Scientist Master, epitomizes excellence in data analysis, innovating and leading groundbreaking projects with precision and expertise.

Data Science Trainer

Suman Mishra

Suman Mishra, Data Science Trainer, empowers learners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, shaping the next generation of data-driven innovators.

Data Analytics Trainer

Shivani Raghuwanshi

Shivani Raghuwanshi, Data Analytics Trainer, adeptly navigates the realm of data, equipping students with analytical tools and strategies for effective decision-making and problem-solving.

Co-Founder TnL

Tushar Das

Tushar Das, Co-Founder of TNL, brings visionary leadership and expertise in marketing to shape innovative learning experiences and drive organizational success.

Co-Founder TnL

Aruna Tiwari

Aruna Tiwari, Co-Founder of TNL, blends strategic vision with a passion for education, fostering a dynamic and impactful learning environment.

AVP Training and acquisitions

Yogesh Paysi

Yogesh Paysi, AVP of Training and Acquisitions, excels in curating top-tier educational programs and expanding TNL’s reach with strategic partnerships.

AI Trainer

Rashi Madavi

Rashi Madavi, AI Trainer, leverages her deep expertise in artificial intelligence to deliver cutting-edge training, empowering learners to excel in AI technologies.

Data Anlytics Trainer

Aashu Asthana

Aashu Asthana, Data Analytics Trainer, specializes in transforming complex data into actionable insights, equipping students with the skills to excel in data-driven decision-making.

Data Analyst

Shraddha Tanwar

Shraddha Tanwar, Data Analyst, excels in extracting meaningful insights from complex data, supporting strategic decisions and fostering business growth.

Senior Data Analytics Trainer

Deepshikha Pushp Agarwal

Deepshikha Pushp Agarwal, Senior Data Analytics Trainer, imparts advanced analytical skills and expertise, empowering students to excel in the dynamic field of data analytics.

Ecommerce Trainer

Surbhi Lakhani

Surbhi Lakhani, Ecommerce Trainer, combines industry experience with expert guidance, empowering students to navigate and succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce.